Arizona Links

Explore these free and subscription ($ = Ancestry) databases for Arizona:

Arizona and New Mexico Territories Census, Late 1800s   $

Arizona : a state guide

Arizona, Apache County, Voting Records, 1882-1920

Arizona Archives Online

Arizona, Arrival Manifests, 1906-1955

Arizona, Arriving Passenger and Crew Manifests of Airplanes, 1958-1962    $

Arizona Biographical Database at the Arizona State Library and Archives

Arizona Birth (1800-1946) and Death (1800-1971) Certificates

Arizona, Birth Certificates and Indexes, 1855-1930

Arizona, Birth Certificates, 1880-1935    $

Arizona, Birth Certificates, 1909-1917

Arizona Births and Christenings, 1909-1917

Arizona, Bisbee, Evergreen Cemetery Index, 1884-2007    $

Arizona Business Directory   $

Arizona, City Directories

Arizona Civil War Service Records of Confederate Soldiers, 1861-1865

Arizona, Cochise County, Voting Records, 182-1932

Arizona, Compiled Census Index, 1831-1880   $

Arizona County Birth Records, 1881-1948     $

Arizona, County Coroner and Death Records, 1881-1971    $

Arizona, County Marriages, 1871-1964

Arizona, County Marriage Records, 1865-1972     $

Arizona Deaths, 1870-1951

Arizona, Death Records, 1887-1960    $

Arizona Deaths and Burials, 1910-1911; 1933-1994

Arizona Directory Co.’s Phoenix directory for the year 1895   $

Arizona Directory Co.’s Phoenix city and Salt River Valley directory, 1930   $

Arizona, Directory of churches and religious organizations of Arizona    $

Arizona, District courts of the territory of Arizona, 1864-1912   $

Arizona, Douglas, Dispatch    $

Arizona, Flagstaff, Arizona Daily Sun   $

Arizona, Gila County, Cemetery Records, 1927-1994

Arizona, Gila County, Voting Records, 1881-1920

Arizona, Government and Law

Arizona, Graham County, city directory, 1973 : including Central, Pima, Solomon, Thatcher

Arizona, Graham County, Voting Records, 1882-1920

Arizona Gravestones

Arizona, Greenlee County, Voting Records, 1910-1926

Arizona, Guide to public vital statistics records in Arizona     $

Arizona, A Historical and biographical record of the territory of Arizona    $

Arizona Historical Digital Newspapers

Arizona Historical Prison Register – 100 Years of Inmate Admissions

Arizona Historical Society – Digital collections

Arizona, History of Arizona    $

Arizona, History – Various books and links on Linkpendium

Arizona Indian Tribes

Arizona, Journal of Arizona History – online

Arizona, Maps

Arizona, Maricopa County, Inventory of the county archives of Arizona, No. 7

Arizona, Maricopa County Probate Records, 1870-1930

Arizona, Maricopa County, Voting Records, 1876-1932

Arizona, Maricopa, Mesa City Cemetery Records, 1885-1960

Arizona, Marriage Collection, 1864-1982    $

Arizona Marriages, 1865-1949

Arizona, Marriages, 1888-1908    $

Arizona Memory Project

Arizona, Mesa LDS Family History Center, Obituary Index, 1959-2014

Arizona, Mesa Public Library – Mesa Room

Arizona, Miami, Silver Belt    $

Arizona, Military Discharge Records, ca. 1918-ca.1989

Arizona, Mohave County, Voting Records, 1876-1920

Arizona, Mormon settlement in Arizona : a record of peaceful conquest of the desert

Arizona, Museum of Northern Arizona – Manuscript collections

Arizona, Naturalization Records, 1909-1991    $

Arizona, Navajo County, Arizona Census, 1910    $

Arizona, Navajo County, Voting Records, 1895-1954

Arizona, Nogales, Index and Manifests of Alien Arrivals, 1905-1952

Arizona, Northern Arizona University (NAU) Cline Library Special Collections

Arizona Obituaries Index – Miscellaneous

Arizona Obituary Index to Arizona Newspapers, 1993-1994

Arizona Online Genealogy Records – FamilySearch’s resource page for Arizona research

Arizona, Oral Histories

Arizona, Payson, Obituaries, 1948-2008

Arizona, Phoenix, The Weekly Republican

Arizona, Phoenix City and Salt River Valley, Arizona Directory, 1923

Arizona, Photographs

Arizona, Pima County, Inventory of the county archives of Arizona, No. 10    $

Arizona, Pima County, Voting Records, 1876-1926

Arizona, Pinal County, Voting Records, 1876-1920

Arizona, Polk’s Arizona and New Mexico pictorial gazetteer and business directory: 1912-1913   $

Arizona, Portrait and biographical record of Arizona    $

Arizona Republican    $

Arizona, Resources of Arizona Territory    $

Arizona, Santa Cruz County, Voting Records, 1900-1920

Arizona School Census Records, 1910-1917    $

Arizona, Sharlot Hall Museum Research Center

Arizona State Business Directory, 1916-1917    $

Arizona State Business Directory, 1920    $

Arizona State Business Directory, 1921    $

Arizona State Business Directory, 1922    $

Arizona State Business Directory, 1923    $

Arizona State Business Directory, 1925    $

Arizona State Business Directory, 1930    $

Arizona, State Court Naturalization Records, 1869-1993    $

Arizona State Library, Archives, & Public Records – Digital Arizona Library (DAZL)

Arizona State Museum

Arizona State Prison Records, 1875-1929     $

Arizona, Territorial Census Records, 1864-1882    $

Arizona, The Resources of Arizona     $

Arizona Trails to the Past

Arizona, Tribes and Villages    $

Arizona, Tucson city directory, 1948   $

Arizona, Tucson Daily Citizen    $

Arizona, Tucson Daily News    $

Arizona, University of Arizona Special Collections: Arizona & Southwest

Arizona, U.S. Dept. of the Interior Library

Arizona, Various County Divorce Records, 1877-1937

Arizona, Voter Registrations, 1866-1955    $

Arizona, Who’s Who in Arizona    $

Arizona, Wills and Probate Records, 1803-1995    $

Arizona, World War II Draft Registration Cards, 1940-1945

Arizona, Yavapai County, Pioneers’ Home Resident Ledger and Index, 1911-2000

Arizona, Yavapai County, Voting Records, 1875-1932

Arizona, Yuma County, Voting Records, 1902-1918

Arziona, Yuma Daily Sun and Arizona Sentinel    $

Arizona, Yuma, Examiner    $

Arizona, Yuma, Morning Sun    $

Arizona, Yuma, Sun-Advertiser    $

Arizona, Yuma Weekly Sun    $

Digital Newspaper Collections listed in Genealogy’s Star

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