Genealogy: How Do I Start?

Genealogy: How Do I Start? ©

Dayna Jacobs,AG®

(You are welcome to copy this for your own use, but please do not publish online or copy for distribution to others.  Thanks!)

1. Gather family records, pictures, letters, etc.

2. Organize your “stuff”

a. Sort into piles by surname

b. Subdivide surnames by given name

3. Place in folders or a binder with dividers

a. Each couple has a divider

b. Behind each divider place a family group sheet and all the records for that couple and any unmarried children

c. If a child was married, create a divider for them

4. Enter information from each item onto a pedigree chart and family group record

5. Contact other family members to help fill in more blanks

6. Highlight any blanks that are a priority for you

7. Determine what kind of record has that kind of information

8. Obtain the record

9. Search the record and add information to your charts


Click on “genealogies”> enter search information. Also, register and sign in, then click on “Family Tree”

Click on “family trees”>enter surname and given name under “advanced search”

Free at some libraries and all LDS Family History Centers.

Connect with other who share your research interest

Try your luck, or use a website like Randy Majors’ Ancestor Search, which has a Google search template for genealogists:

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