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A Packing List for Genealogy Road Trips

Planning a genealogy research trip?  This packing list has items you won’t want to leave behind.  Oh, and don’t forget a change of clothes. And a toothbrush. 🙂
Packing List for Genealogy Road Trips

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Your Own Genealogy Roadshow: Tips for Hitting the Trail

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Genealogy newbies might think, “Everything’s online, isn’t it?”  (By the way, don’t ever say that out loud.  It’s kinda like saying you have traced your pedigree back to Adam.  You don’t want other genealogists rolling their eyes behind your back.)

Of course you will want to give online resources your best shot – digital collections are plentiful and and growing by the day – but the time will come when you actually have to walk into a library or archive in search of an ancestor’s records.  Before you hit the trail, some careful planning is advisable. It will save you time and money, and increase your likelihood of success. Continue reading “Your Own Genealogy Roadshow: Tips for Hitting the Trail”