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Today in our Family History: February 23, 1847, Thomas Gooch and the Battle of Buena Vista

Today marks the 165th anniversary of the Battle of Buena Vista in the Mexican-American War.  Thomas Gooch’s Mexican War pension file reveals he fought in the Battle of Buena Vista.  His pension application, dated 6 Feb 1882, states that he “was a corporal in…the 1st Regiment of Arkansas Volunteers in the War of 1846…That while in the service aforesaid…near a place called Saltillo Republic of Mexico, on the 23rd of February 1847, from hardships and exposure contracted chronic diarrhea.  Also at Battle of Buena Vista in a charge made by lancers, suffered loss of finger of left hand. Said disabilities still continue and greatly disable him for manual labor, he now asks a pension.”

An account of the Battle of Buena Vista is found at:

and the official report of the battle is found here:


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