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Dora Pomeroy’s Friendship Quilt

This is a detail from Dora Pomeroy’s (Sophia Isadora Morris) friendship quilt. She lived from 1873-1953, but I don’t know when the quilt was created.  A good textile detective might be able to date it based on the fabric and stitches.  It has always been my understanding it was sewn in the early part of the 20th century.

I recently archived this quilt to help preserve it, but before doing so I photographed each square.  The squares are approximately 12 inches, and are varied in their workmanship and style, but the high definition photography shows an incredible variety of stitches and unique attributes for each square, such as initials, symbols, or embellishments.

Dora was my great-grandmother, and this quilt was passed down to her oldest son (my grandfather), and to his only daughter (my mother).  I would like to share photos of it with all of Dora’s descendants if they contact me.

Detail (1) from friendship quilt
Detail (2) from friendship quilt

The quilt colors are remarkably vibrant after 100 years.  It had been hanging in my parents’ home for at least 30 years under plexiglass of some kind, which must have had UV filtering properties.  Under the glass it appeared to be faded, but when the glass was removed recently the colors were as vivid as the day it was framed, much to our joy and relief.


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5 thoughts on “Dora Pomeroy’s Friendship Quilt

  1. Another very interesting story of the Pomeroy family name I share with you. Brother Pomeroy’s story is amazing!! My grandmother Pomeroy also made me and all my cousins quilts. I just stumbled across our lineage late last summer and am constantly amazed with our forefathers histories as well as our modern day leaders from the family. Thank you so much for sharing these stories and my best wishes as a fellow Pomeroy ! I am of a Canadian branch of this great house.

  2. Hi Dayna,
    I was thrilled an amazed at the quilt that Grandma Pomeroy made. I would love to have pictures of the quilt if possible. I am an aspiring quilter and only wish I had some of the skills that Grandma had. Maybe with her inspiration, I can someday do a quilt that I would be as proud of.

    Tanya Jorgensen

    1. Hi Tanya,
      I sent you an email invitation to the Shutterfly album where I have posted 31 pictures of the quilt. I believe you can reprint the pictures from there. If not, let me know and I will figure it out. It is nice to meet you. Which line of the Pomeroys are you descended from?

  3. I used to stand on the couch and study every inch of that quilt — or so I thought. I never noticed the embroidered yucca plant! Thanks for posting this —


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