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Learn Almost Anything for Free

Well, that’s what they claim  anyway at the non-profit Khan Academy online. They are on a mission to make learning available to anyone, anywhere, for free. So far I am impressed with this innovative website, where anyone can be instructed in topics ranging from Math and Science to History and Economics.  They currently have over 4,000 video lessons available.

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They call themselves a “One World Schoolhouse”, or a global classroom, and that is pretty accurate.

For genealogists, the history lessons are so helpful, and they are offered for both United States and European History, as well as Ancient and Midievel, for those of you crazy genealogists who think you have traced your ancestry back to Adam 🙂

I just watched an 18 minute video overview of U.S. History from Jamestown to the Civil War, where my screen was filled with a virtual whiteboard where the teacher diagrammed a timeline, accompanied by maps and pictures.  It was so informative! I highly recommend it. I enjoy multi-media learning and tend to retain it better, and sometimes an overview can put things into perspective in a way that can lead me to new ideas for research.

learning onlineThere are a bunch of lessons I am looking forward to, and it’s a much better use of time than watching American Idol… but there’s nothing stopping me from doing both things at the same time, now is there?


I am an Accredited Genealogist® professional living in California. I have been researching and teaching since 1988.

2 thoughts on “Learn Almost Anything for Free

  1. I saw quite a story on Khan Academy on 60 Minutes. I was very impressed. He may well be putting the stodgy education establishment out of business!

    Also, I’m impressed that you publicly admit to watching American Idol. People give me “that look” when I say I watch it. But, there’s something about watching the young people bravely try out for the show and then blossom into truly talented performers that’s charming. It has an innocence about it that the other “reality shows” simply don’t.

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