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Happy Birthday Annie Marie Tanner Pomeroy!

On Granny’s Trail has to give a shout out to my very own Granny on the 112th anniversary of her birth.

Annie Marie Tanner was born at Tuba City, Coconino, Arizona on 18 Aug 1901 and died 7 Jul 1996 at Claremont, Los Angeles, California.  She eloped with Franklin Ivan Pomeroy on 12 Aug 1923 at Globe, Gila, Arizona.  

She was my grandmother and I enjoyed my visits to her Phoenix home most of my growing-up years.  The smell of allysum still makes me think of her backyard.  I have some of the beautiful tile mosaics she created hanging in my home, and still have some of the baby blankets she made for my children.  I could always count on a pair of knitted slippers from her every few Christmases, along with crocheted hangers. I can still remember her laugh, and her love of flowers has been passed down through the generations.  She raised three children as an army wife before, during, and after World War II and had to endure many hardships in her life, but did so gracefully.  Here are a few pictures of her:

Annie Marie Tanner as a young woman
Annie Marie Tanner as a young woman
Annie Marie Tanner Pomeroy loved flowers
Annie Marie Tanner Pomeroy loved flowers
Annie Marie Tanner Pomeroy in later life
Annie Marie Tanner Pomeroy in later life

Happy Birthday Granny!


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2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Annie Marie Tanner Pomeroy!

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY !! What a wonderful grandmother you had. My grandmother Pomeroy also is very fondly remembered by all her loving grandchildren , I believe 23 in all spread across Canada and the USA as she was as kind and generous as your granny seems to have been. We all as grandchildren recieved our grandmothers knitted bedspreads and cherish every memory off her. I’m certain they are both happy in their gardens looking down upon all of their descendants with pride and a great big smile. We remember them in our thoughts as the beautiful women they were in our lives that guided us to be the people we are with their huge loving hearts. Hugs and kisses to all our grandmothers.

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