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Wild West Digitized: New Mexico Records

This is fourth in a series of posts about digital databases for the Western States found on  Previous posts have covered California, Arizona, and Colorado.

FamilySearch has been digitizing the 3 million+ microfilms in the Family History Library.  Every week new records are posted, and it seems to me they are progressing at a good pace.  Eyeballing the list of collections from the United States it appears they have made vital records a priority.

Let’s take a look at what they have available for New Mexico: digitized record collections for New  Mexico digitized record collections for New Mexico

I’ve highlighted New Mexico, Births and Christenings, 1726-1918 to show you how to maximize your search.  Click on the collection title and it will bring up a search template which allows you to search within that collection:

On the search template click on "Learn More"
On the search template click on “Learn More”

If you click on “Learn more” it will open up a more detailed description of the record collection, including a record coverage table which helps you know how many records from your county are included:

Record coverage table
Record coverage table

And did you notice the date range for this record collection?  1726-1918.  Not too shabby.  In 1726 New Mexico was under Spain’s jurisdiction.  During the Pueblo Indian revolts of 1680-1700, Spanish records were destroyed.  By 1700 Spain had regained control and record-keeping re-established, so this record collection provides pretty good coverage. It also covers the period of Mexico’s control over the area—1821-1848.

The record description also says these were records from the IGI or Vital Records Index, which tells me they were extracted from Catholic church records.  This would be a good starting place for your early New Mexico research.

The “New Mexico, County Death Records, 1907-1952” provides images of death records from county death registers, but only covers 3 counties at this point.

Check the FamilySearch Blog every week for news about which record collections have been added.


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