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New Updates to the Family History Library Catalog

Here is a re-post from the Family History Library blog.  Go to the blog to learn about all the new features added to the online Family History Library Catalog.  Those of you who use the catalog regularly will be pleased with what has been added back from the old version.  Here is just one example:

New Updates to the Family History Library Catalog

October 31, 2013 By Lynne L. VanWagenen

The new, online Family History Library Catalog has several features that users have been waiting for. These changes should help make it easier to use the catalog and help searches be more productive.

Display Additional Places

In the old catalog, when you land on a place that does not have any titles, you are shown a list of similar places that do have titles. For example, if you search for New Amsterdam and find nothing, the old catalog suggests you look in New York instead.

The new catalog now has this same feature.

via New Updates to the Family History Library Catalog.


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