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Genealogy Mythbusters and Extreme Genes

Spoiler alert:  If you brag about tracing your genealogy back to Adam and proudly display a family Coat-of-Arms over your mantel, you might want to skip this post.  And I’m pretty sure you are not going to like episode 5 of Extreme Genes as much as I did. I have just begun to listen to some Extreme Genes podcasts, and Episode 5 is titled “Tracing Lineage Back to Adam and Eve.”  I really enjoyed listening to host Scott Fisher and guest Gordon Remington discuss this as well as the Coat-of-Arms topic.

I wanted to let you all know about Extreme Genes, found on the Mormon Radio Channel.  It’s rather new on the genealogy scene and has some interesting programs in talk-show format.

Extreme Genes
Extreme Genes

I enjoyed episode 5 because my husband calls me the Genealogy Mythbuster.  On occasion, I come home after a day at the Family History Center having ruined some unfortunate person’s cherished oral family history with new-found facts.  I don’t enjoy this, but sometimes those pesky facts just stare you in the face. Take it from me, the non-descendant of the first Governor of Virginia, William Gooch.  All us Gooches are non-descendants of Governor Gooch, but lots of us don’t want to hear it.  Sorry.  But he had no heirs.  Rats.  

Adam, on the other hand, did have heirs, fortunately! And while I am one of them, I know the paper trail is dubious.  And that Gooch coat-of-arms, forget about it. Sorry. Listen to episode 5 and you’ll understand.  It is an entertaining episode, for sure!


I am an Accredited Genealogist® professional living in California. I have been researching and teaching since 1988.

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