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George Banks: Life After Mary Poppins

George Banks’ home, home on the range…it’s all in his Homestead file

The Fairy Tale Genealogist

George Banks

This is George Banks, looking considerably happier than he did the morning Mr. Dawes sacked him at the bank and his nanny, Mary Poppins, left his employ (something to do with the changing wind…)

When we last saw old George, he was in the park flying kites with his children, Jane and Michael.  He was jobless and nannyless, and Mr. Dawes had punched a hole in his hat. I know, he was singing a cheery song, but things could not look much bleaker.  And then he moved to Nebraska. You can be sure of it.  The Fairy Tale Genealogist has the Homestead records to prove it!

George Banks, Nebraska, Homestead Records, 1861-1936, George Banks, Certificate No. 2048, Nebraska, Homestead Records, 1861-1936,

Proving you can’t keep a good man down, George packed up the family and bid farewell to No. 17 Cherry Tree Lane for the promise of 160 acres of Nebraska prairieland, thanks to the…

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