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A New Adventure: Publishing My First Video Tutorial

Well, I guess you are the first to know…On Granny’s Trail has gone “video.”  Today I published my first online video tutorial, titled, “Finding Libraries and Archives with WorldCat and ArchiveGrid.” I hope to provide a link to my tutorials here after I create a few more.

Probably won’t break any box office records and most certainly will not go viral (maybe I should have worn a Chewbacca mask!), but it was very satisfying to create and I think it will be the first of many.  I really like this platform for instruction and sharing and hope you will, too!

Here’s to new adventures and YouTube!


I am an Accredited Genealogist® professional living in California. I have been researching and teaching since 1988.

3 thoughts on “A New Adventure: Publishing My First Video Tutorial

  1. Congratulations! Should we look for you on Pinterest next? I’m curious – was it your Gooch greatgrandfather who was born in Llano, TX, or another one? I ask because I know that John and Ben were both in Texas and that some of the “Owen boys” were also there? I recently did a little casual digging re one John W. Owen, who was a son of Wilson Owen and Elizabeth Gooch, a brother to my ggf William Rensselaer Owen, and a cousin to William Mitchell Owen, son of Abel Owen, who lived in Round Rock, Texas. The last time I had “seen” John W. Owen he was living in Belton, Texas, where he died in 1881. But, while investigating him, I came across this little blurb on Wikipedia: The Southern Hotel in Llano, Texas was erected circa 1881 by stonemasons J. K. Finlay and John Goodman in the Second Empire style for owner J.W. Owen. The hotel was built as a stagecoach stop between Mason and Burnet, later serving as a hotel and a boarding house.[2]” So, now, you’ve reminded me to ask if it’s possible that Goochs and Owens were still “hanging out” together in Llano? Might be a fun town to visit.

    Also, I notice from your debut video that your voice/speech sounds so much like my father’s sister, my Aunt Maida Owen, who was a great-granddaughter of Martha Gooch, so not exactly a close relative to you! But you certainly do sound like her. She was a Lady – probably wore white gloves to the grocery – and also lived to a nice 100 years. Last lived at that giant Leisure Village development south of you at Camarillo.

    Anyway, congrats – and many more. Try the Chewbacca mask….I like Chewbacca.

    Cousin Margaret

    1. Hi Margaret! Yes, it is my great-grandfather Jack Gooch who was born in Llano County (Bluffton to be exact, a tiny settlement outside of Llano town). So it appears our Gooches and Owens were still hanging out together in Texas! I actually visited Burnet a few years ago and it was a nice little town. I blogged about it in a post about serendipity among the cacti. I was looking for my great-great grandfather’s property in Burnet, and when all was said and done I found it across the street from the hotel where I was staying! That’s really cool to learn about J.W. Owen’s hotel! It’s interesting to learn more about it. Thanks! And coincidentally, a few months ago I actually visited someone in that retirement development you are talking about in Camarillo. Good hearing from you! –Dayna

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