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Facebook as a Resource for Western States Research

I just learned about a Facebook page for people researching in the Western States and thought I’d share.

The FamilySearch Blog published a post in August 2016 called “Finding Your Ancestors on Facebook”  which was featured in their newsletter today.  Here is where I learned about a FamilySearch Wiki page called, “Genealogy Help on Facebook.” This helpful page features a table which has links to various regional research groups on Facebook, which is where I discovered the U.S. West Genealogy Research Community.  It is a helpful forum where researchers can connect, ask questions, and offer suggestions to other researchers, and it covers what are often called the Mountain West States and the Pacific West States.

Here is what it looks like on Facebook:


This particular group is a closed group, meaning you need to request to be added.  That is easy enough to do by clicking on “Join Group.”

Another way to connect with researchers on Facebook is to search for a surname, locality, or ethnic group, followed by “Genealogy.” For example, here is what a search for Native American Genealogy produced:


It’s always great to find new resources for research Out West.  I’ve ventured into social media for sharing the things I learn, but have not used it much for a research resource until now.  I’m looking forward to exploring this “new” tool!  It’s been interesting to read through some of the questions posed in the posts, and to try to think about possible answers.  It’s an exercise that gets me thinking, and will help me to learn, I’m sure.






I am an Accredited Genealogist® professional living in California. I have been researching and teaching since 1988.

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