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Now that’s a mustache!…Franklin Thomas Pomeroy

Every once in a while I like posting photos of my ancestors that I enjoy (the photos, I mean)…Here is one of Franklin Thomas Pomeroy, my great-grandfather, since we just celebrated his 142nd birthday.  So distinguished and dapper.  Check out the ‘stache.

Franklin Thomas Pomeroy, 15 Sep 1870 – 4 Nov 1954

He was born 15 Sep 1840 in Paris.  Well, Paris, Bear Lake, Idaho that is.  He died 4 Nov 1954 at Mesa, Maricopa, Arizona.  He married the middle gal in the On Granny’s Trail banner above (Sophia Isadora Morris) on 28 ar 1893 and later went on to serve as a State Senator in Arizona.

Frank T. Pomeroy campaign card, Arizona State Senate (front)
Frank T. Pomeroy campaign card, Arizona State Senate (back

I kind of like the bow-tie and handlebar mustache look in his wild younger days, but he looks very distinguished as a senator, too. I think he and Dora were a great match.

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“…I am just about all in from another knoclalation [sic] taken this morning.”

This is the second in a series of 14 letters I will be posting—letters which were written by WWI Private Allen Lee Millard (“Nig”) Gooch to his family back home in Duncan, Arizona.

We will follow Pvt. Gooch from his first week in boot camp to his last letter from France at the close of the war. Readers will catch a glimpse of his fears, girl troubles, concern for his family, and his duties as an MP, as he grows from a young man who doubts he will see the trenches to a soldier on the front lines of the final offensive of an epic WWI.  So follow along as this story unfolds…

[Letter from Allen Lee Millard Gooch (Nig) to his family, 12 May 1918 from Camp Funston, Kansas.  Transcribed by Dayna Gooch Jacobs.  Slashes indicate page breaks. Original spelling and punctuation.]

                                                                                                                                                                 May 12. 18

 Mother and All:

Just received/ your letter of interest/ which cheered me so/ much.  Am so proud/ you all are getting/ along alright.  I cant/ write much tonight/ for I am just about/ all in from another/ knoclalation [inoculation] taken this/ morning.  This makes/ three knoclalations/ and two vaxinations/ and this one was a/ [p2] hard one to stand/ as the needle was/ so large and they/ stuck it so deep/ didn’t hurt so bad/ untill about an hour/ afterwards then it made/ me sick and my/ arm sure is sore.

I don’t feel like writing/ much but want to/ send you all another/ picture of me and a/ friend of mine in/ the same tent./

This is Sunday and/ [p3] my first day off/ but don’t feel like/ running around. Wish/ I was with you all/ but know I cant be/ for some time,/  but am sure I will be/ some time.  No one/ here seems to think/ we will ever see the/ trenches.

Ma I have no/ one I knew except/ the ones came with/ me.  Jinnie Pittman/ and Josh Clark and/ some boys from/ [p4] Clifton including/ Edd Bonita they are all in this Co. I/ think Ross went/ to California, Believe/ me we sure had/ some dinner today./  Chicken and noodles/ with strawberry short/ cake and ice cream./  We have plenty of/ eats all the time and/ believe me I sure do/ eat too.

I just sent you a letter explaining my insurance/

[remainder of letter missing]

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“…our mess citts full of fairly good grub…”

This is the first in a series of letters I will be posting—letters which were written by WWI Private Allen Lee Millard Gooch to his family back home in Duncan, Arizona.  Part of his military service record was already posted in previous weeks.  Letters are a wonderful resource for genealogists, as you will see. For a closer look, just click on any of the images. The letter has been transcribed for you at the end of the post.

A.L. was drafted, and entered into service 25 Apr 1918.  Here is the first letter in the collection, written—so aptly—from Camp Funston, Kansas (not exactly summer camp, but sounds like one!) on 1 May 1918:

A L Gooch WWI letters 1 May 1818 p1
A L Gooch WWI letters 1 May 1818 p2
A L Gooch WWI letters 1 May 1818 p3
A L Gooch WWI letters 1 May 1818 p4

Transcription of letter from Private Allen L. M. Gooch to his parents, 1 May 1918, Camp Funston, Kansas, letter in possession of Dayna Gooch Jacobs, King City, California. Envelope missing. Transcribed by Dayna Jacobs. [slashes in the transcription indicate line breaks]


May .1. 18

Dear Parents and All:

As my arm is / a little better will / write a little. Am / rather tired tonight / this is our second / day drilling and they / sure put us through / We are at Detantion / camp no 2. Where we / get our first grade / training.  expect to stay / here about three week then go back to Funston / to the Barricks where / it will be a little / more comfortable.  There / is eight in each tent / get up at 5:45 in the / morning, take our cots / out side scrub the / floor, line up for / the roll to be called / to breakfast get / our mess citts full / of fairly good grub / come back to our tents / and eat, go back and / wash our dishes, Then / then [sic] march to the drilling / grounds and / play afew athletic / games for exercise / then get bussy.  I / didn’t think I could / stand it the first / day I was so sore /  from vaxinations. /  But I feel good today / and don’t think it / will be as hard as / I thought for I know / I can stand it if / others do.  And all / that worrys me is / you folks at home.

I am goeing to take / out a ten thousand / dollar insurance which / will cost me about $6.00 / per month and if / I get killed you / will draw $57.50 a / month for 20 years / the government is giving / dependant Parents $10.00 / a month where the / soldier will give $15.00 / of his wages.  And I / am goeing to try to / get that don’t know / if I can or not.  That / will be 10 apiece for / you and paw and / 15 from me will be / $35.00 a month that / will help you live / and will leave me / about 8 or 9 dollars / for tobacco that’s all / I kneed.  So dont / worry about me I /will do just what / others is doing, the / best they can.  As I / want to go to bed / will close and write / you latter.  Write / me offen for I don’t / have much time. /

With lots of Love

Your son

Use this address

Private Allen L. M. Gooch

47th Company

164th Depot Brigade

Detantion Camp No.2

Funston, Kansas

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Friday Finds: Northern Arizona University Cline Library – Special Collections

Four Corners Research

Western States researchers have some great archives and libraries to tap into, and each week I highlight archives, libraries and collections I have found valuable, along with some of my finds there.

Anyone doing research in the Four Corners area (Utah, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico)  will want to take a look at the Northern Arizona Cline Library’s online collections , as well as doing some on-site research. It has some real gems in its Special Collections.  These include:

TIP:  On the homepage search by keyword, or try “advanced search” and select only the collection you want to search within.

Northern Arizona University is located at S San Francisco St, Flagstaff, Arizona 86011.   (928) 523-901

Colorado Plateau Archives

The Colorado Plateau Archives, one of the collections above, is an online exhibit for the   images, documents, oral histories, videos, and more for the region encompassing the Four Corners area of the United States.

It includes:

  • Arizona Memory Project
  • Arizona Champion-Coconino Sun Newspaper Index (1887-1894)
  • Arizona Champion-Coconino Sun Newspaper Obituary Index (1883-2003)
  • Manuscript Inventory
  • Over 1 million photos
  • Vertical files

United Indian Traders Association Oral History Project

Part of the Colorado Plateau Archives contains the United Indian Traders Association Oral History Project. This is an especially valuable collection.  These are transcripts of interviews done with traders, and they are rich in information about the history of the area.  There is also a huge collection of photographs, all searchable by keyword.

Interviews of particular interest to me as a researcher are the March 30, 1999 video interviews with Joe Tanner <>  and J.B. Tanner, who were sons of Ruel Lehi “Chunky” Tanner, grandsons of Joseph Baldwin Tanner, and great-grandsons of Seth Tanner.  These are available online, and Joe talks a lot about the early Tanner history in the Four Corners area.  I am descended from Ruel’s sister Annie Marie Tanner.  There are also interviews with Russell, Jay, and Ed Foutz, who are descended from Joseph Lehi Foutz—another Great-great grandfather of mine.

Arizona Archives Online

NAU is part of the “Arizona Archives Online”

This is a great way to search multiple archives and libraries at once.  There are currently 14 institutions throughout the state of Arizona that contribute content to Arizona Archives Online.  I will highlight some of the collections in these archives in future posts:

  • Arizona State University Libraries, Department of Archives and Special Collections
  • Northern Arizona University, Cline Library Special Collections and Archives
  • University of Arizona Library Special Collections
  • University of Arizona Libraries. Center for Creative Photography.
  • Arizona State Museum
  • Museum of Northern Arizona
  • The Arizona Historical Society: Northern/Southern/Papago Park Divisions
  • Sharlot Hall Museum
  • Arizona State Library, History and Archives Division
  • Arizona Historical Foundation
  • Lowell Observatory Library and Archives
  • Heard Museum Billie Jane Baguley Library and Archives
  • Peggy J. Slusser Memorial Philatelic Library