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Now that’s a mustache!…Franklin Thomas Pomeroy

Every once in a while I like posting photos of my ancestors that I enjoy (the photos, I mean)…Here is one of Franklin Thomas Pomeroy, my great-grandfather, since we just celebrated his 142nd birthday.  So distinguished and dapper.  Check out the ‘stache.

Franklin Thomas Pomeroy, 15 Sep 1870 – 4 Nov 1954

He was born 15 Sep 1840 in Paris.  Well, Paris, Bear Lake, Idaho that is.  He died 4 Nov 1954 at Mesa, Maricopa, Arizona.  He married the middle gal in the On Granny’s Trail banner above (Sophia Isadora Morris) on 28 ar 1893 and later went on to serve as a State Senator in Arizona.

Frank T. Pomeroy campaign card, Arizona State Senate (front)
Frank T. Pomeroy campaign card, Arizona State Senate (back

I kind of like the bow-tie and handlebar mustache look in his wild younger days, but he looks very distinguished as a senator, too. I think he and Dora were a great match.


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