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“Write me offen I am a little homesick…”

Here is another in a series of letters I am posting, from Private Allen L. M. Gooch to his family back home in Arizona during World War I.  This letter was written while he was still in training at Funston, Kansas, but we begin to see indicators that he will soon ship out…

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[Transcription of letter from Private Allen L. M. Gooch to his parents, 29 May 1918, Camp Funston, Kansas, letter in possession of Dayna Gooch Jacobs, King City, California.  Envelope missing. Might actually be two different letters, with the second beginning on page two below.  Slashes in the transcription indicate page breaks.]

Funston, Kans

May 29. 18

Dear Mother,

Your letter of the/ 26th received this morning/ and as we are not/ doeing any thing I will/ answer it rained all/ [crease in paper – illegible] night and we wont do much today/ we turned in our horses/ Monday packed our/ saddles and all/ equipments are getting/ ready for a move./ expect to leave soon/ after the first.  But/ have no idea where/ we will go.  This troop/ expects to go to France/ in the near future/

[back of page] as they are real/ trained/ and fully equipped./  But I don’t/ dread it near as/ much as I thought/ I would, for there is/ not so much danger/ in our line of duty/ every boy in this/ troop is crazy to/ go and I had just/ [crease in paper – illegible] Of course you know/ how bad I hate to/ leave you all.  And/ had much rather be/ with you.  But I am/ here till the war is/ over and ready to/ do my duty what ever/ it may be.  The only/ thing I dread is getting/ over there.

I am very glad you [page missing]

[page two.  This may be from an entirely different letter, as the folds in the paper are different.  Also, the previous page appears to be continued on a different page, but this one is numbered “2”, and there is no writing on the backs of pages 2-4.   The pages were found together so I am transcribing them together for now.]

I taken out a ten/ thousand dollar insurance/ today. Costs me $6.65 per/ month, if I get killed/ you and daddy will/ draw $57.50 per month/ for twenty years./

I also got the allotment/ which takes $15.00 of my/ wages the government/ gives you ten apiece/ so you will get a/ check for $35.00 per month./  So I am satisfied now/ $7.35 will be my wages/ and that is all I kneed/

[page 3]  if I don’t get to work./  But I think I will/ get to work when I/ get back to the barricks/ which will be about/ ten days I think.  Will/ get 75 per cent of what/ I make and get out/ of some of this hard work.

There has been one/ boy die from this/ Co. from knocklation/ and there is several/ in the hospital.  I am/ standing it fine except/ my left ankle is/

[page 4] very weak and sore./  But guess I will get/ over that./

Had my picture taken/ last night.  Am sending/ you one.  Send one/ to Bob and tell him/ to write.  That I will/ write him when I get/ time.  Write me offen/ I am a little home sick/ tell hazel to write if she/ likes. And give her a/ picture./

Yours with love,

Private Allen L.M. Gooch

47th Co. 164th DB

Detantion Camp #2

Funston, Kans.


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