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“…I dont have time to get loansome…”

[This is 12th in a series of letters written by Private A.L. Gooch to his family in Duncan Arizona, while he served in France during WWI.  This letter was written sometime in 1918, but is otherwise undated.

Original letters are in possession of Dayna Gooch Jacobs, King City, California. Envelope missing. Transcribed by Dayna Jacobs. Slashes in the transcription indicate line breaks.  Links to other letters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8  10 11]


Dear Mother,

At first chance I am writting you a few/ lines to let you / know I am still/ living and enjoying/ life.  There is many things I would like/ to say.  And probly can/ latter.  I have been/ very sick for the past/ few days with a cold/ in my lungs.  But/feel fine now./  Well I am still seeing/ sights and enjoying/ them very much. This/ is a very pretty world/

[p2] over here.  But it cant compare with the/ good old U.S.A.

Please mother dear/ dont worry about me/ for I dont have time/ to get loansome and/ I am realy enjoying/ myself.  I will write/ you every chance I get/ Tell all hell’o and be/ good untill I returne.

With love and kisses to All,

Your Son



Troop R.  [?] 314th M.P. 89 div.

American Expeditionary Forces



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