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“…You aught to see my mustache…”

It’s been awhile since I posted anything from the series of World War I letters written by my grandfather, Allen Lee Millard Gooch.  Here is one written in late September of 1918 from “Some Where in France.”  They were not allowed to disclosed their location.  A.L. (or “Nig” as he was known) was a jack of all trades back home in Duncan, Arizona, including a sign painter, and in this letter it appears his many skills are coming in handy on the war front.  You can read his previous letters if you want to catch up. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Pvt A.L. Gooch, WWI 314th Military Police, France
Pvt A.L. Gooch, WWI 314th Military Police, France

[Letter written by Allen Lee Millard Gooch to his family in Duncan, Arizona during WWI.  Transcribed by Dayna Gooch Jacobs 29 Nov 2013. Original spelling.  Line breaks indicated by a slash.]

Some Where In France

Sept. 26   –18

Dear Mother and All,

Will try and write/ you a few lines as it/ has been some time since/ I written you.  I only wish I was there so I/ could tell you all that/ has happened and the/ things we have done/ and saw.  I am sure/  it would interest you./ But I can be content/ for awhile yet.  Of coures / I get home sick now/ and then and have/ the blues. But we are wining the war/ every thing is in our/

[p2] favor so far and I/ cant help but believe/ it wont be long until/ I can be with you/ all again with a long/ story which will make/ every mother proud of/ her son.

I am feeling fine as/ usual and you aught/ to see my mustache/ in another week I think/ I can curl them around/ my ears.

My work is not very/ hard except the long/ hours at times have/ been driving a motor-/ cycle for about a month/ and get to see lots/

[p3] of this old shell torn / country which is a/ sight to see. I/ am writing signs and / putting them up all over/ the country.  I do almost/ as many things there as/ I did at home and/ will do more I guess when/ they find out I know/ how.   But as you know/ I am willing to do/ any thing to help get/ this thing over and get/ back to gods country where/ you are not dodging/ bullets [trickling?] from/ airoplains and wareing/ iron hats to keep red/ hot shrapnel from senging/

[p4] your hair  Well I havent/ much papper will close and/ if Fritz will lay off until/ I get to sleep I dont care/  how many shells he sends over.  Tell all hello/ and that I will write/ some time.  I got a/ letter from sister and/ Bob about a week ago/ also one from you and/ Doll very offen.  But every/ letter she says he writes/ offen.

Don’t worry about / me. Will write latter.

With Love and Best Wishes/  Your son/ Pvt A.L. Gooch/ 314th Military Police/ American E.F.

1st [?] Inf. U.S.A.

Censored bye [blank]


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