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“I went out of my tent and saw about twenty flying machines”

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[Letter from Private Allen L. Gooch to his family in Arizona during World War I.  Transcribed by Dayna Gooch Jacobs and in her possession. Slashes indicate line breaks on original letter.]

Friday 7. 18

[probably June 7, 1918]

Mother and All,

Well we stoped/ at last, sure saw/ some sights on/ the road, Sailed/ about twenty five/ miles down the/ Hudson bay.  We/ are here waiting/ for more equipment/ such as shoes and/ sixshooters.  Soon/ as we get them we/ will go over, it/ may a week/ and it may be/ a month. But/

[p 2]  mother I don’t/ dread it as I/ thought I would/ it seams so/ much different/ than I thought/ for, every boy in/ this camp that/ I talk with wants/ to go and cant/ hardly wait for/ the time, we got/ here last night/ and it went to/ raining rained/ untill about 4 oclock./  This eve I went to/ sleep about two/ was so tired from/ such long ride,/ I dreamed I was/

[3] in Duncan with/ doll under a large/ tree watching some/ flying machines./  And one turned to/ a bird came down/ and set near my/ head, I awoke and/ I heard an aufal/ noise all was out/ side and the sun/ was shining.  I went/ out of my tent and/ saw about twenty/ flying machines/ some was about/ one hundred feet/ from the ground/

[4] others was so high/ they looked like/ birds.  I have/ been watching one/ particular one all/ eve.  He sure can/ pull off some/ stunts.  I also saw/ all kinds of ships/ passed under the/ Brooklyn bridge/ and three others/ almost as large./  This friend of mine/ from hachita is/ a sergeant in my/ troop he is getting/ me a twenty four/ hour pass and I/ am goeing to N.Y./ City tomorrow And/

[5] take in the sights./  I wont have time/ when I come back/ through on my/ way home.  I don’t/ know when that will be.  But I am/ sure it will come./  I am satisfied very/ well with my troop/ don’t think there is/ a department I would/ like better.  So/ don’t worry about/ me and write soon./  I may get mail/ here before we/

[p 6] over.  Will write you when I leave.  And as soon as you get a card that my ship has landed then you can write me using this ad—  Private Allen L. Gooch Troop A, 314th Military Police, 89th Division.  American Expeditionnary Forces.

Will close with best wishes

Guess you will get the allotment next month.

Tell all goodbye for me and be good


Troop A 314th Military Police

89th Division

Camp Mills, New York


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