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New Updates to the Family History Library Catalog

Here is a re-post from the Family History Library blog.  Go to the blog to learn about all the new features added to the online Family History Library Catalog.  Those of you who use the catalog regularly will be pleased with what has been added back from the old version.  Here is just one example:

New Updates to the Family History Library Catalog

October 31, 2013 By Lynne L. VanWagenen

The new, online Family History Library Catalog has several features that users have been waiting for. These changes should help make it easier to use the catalog and help searches be more productive. Continue reading “New Updates to the Family History Library Catalog”

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Wild West Digitized: New Mexico Records

This is fourth in a series of posts about digital databases for the Western States found on  Previous posts have covered California, Arizona, and Colorado.

FamilySearch has been digitizing the 3 million+ microfilms in the Family History Library.  Every week new records are posted, and it seems to me they are progressing at a good pace.  Eyeballing the list of collections from the United States it appears they have made vital records a priority.

Let’s take a look at what they have available for New Mexico: Continue reading “Wild West Digitized: New Mexico Records”

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Family Tree photos, stories, and sources: MoCoGenSo Sept. meeting

FT photos and stories

This week I will be presenting a class on Family Tree photos, stories and sources at the Monterey County Genealogy Society monthly meeting.  Family Tree is your very own pedigree chart and family record at  I have posted about this feature previously, and every week discover new enhancements to it.

This week on FamilySearch I discovered online video tutorials for Family Tree that basically make me obsolete.  I feel like I could just hit “play” for the crowd and sit back eating one of the delicious cookies Jim brings each month.   Continue reading “Family Tree photos, stories, and sources: MoCoGenSo Sept. meeting”

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Wild West Digitized: Colorado Records

This is third in a series of posts about digitized records available on for the Western States.  I previously introduced collections for Arizona and California and today would like to show you what is available for Colorado.   Some collections are more plentiful than others, and as of today there are only 5 Colorado databases available.  Two of them are valuable collections of marriage records, and the 1885 state census is also a good resource.  Continue reading “Wild West Digitized: Colorado Records”

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Wild West Digitized: Arizona records

This is second in a series of posts about the digitized records available at Familysearch.  I hope you’ve had a chance to explore the California records I listed, and that you made some new discoveries.  So far, there are only 7 collections of Arizona records, but they include some essential ones:

Arizona digital collections at Familysearch as of 18 Jul 2013
Arizona digital collections at Familysearch as of 18 Jul 2013

Arizona Deaths, 1870-1951 is not as current as the database online at because the Familysearch source is microfilm, and the source is the government records which are added to each year (50 years back due to privacy). However, if you are looking for someone in that range, you will get an image of their death certificate in Arizona Death, 1870-1951:

AZ death certificate
Sarah Matilda Colborn (Pomeroy) death certificate, 1926

Here is the death certificate of my ancestor, Sarah Matilda Colborn who was married to Francis Martin Pomeroy. It’s nice to have a vital record for someone born in 1834.  If you found a death certificate for someone who died in the 1870s you could conceivably have direct evidence of a birth date in the 1700s.  (Of course it would be secondary vs. primary direct evidence, but still – not bad!) And who wouldn’t want to discover or verify an individual’s parents’ names—especially the mother’s maiden name? There’s nothing like a good death certificate to thrill a genealogist, and to get you back another couple of generations on your pedigree chart!

Here is a record from Arizona, Births and Christenings, 1909-1917 for a child born to Sophia Isadore and Frank T. Pomeroy in 1914:

Arizona Births and Christenings, 1909-1917
Arizona Births and Christenings, 1909-1917

While this is an abstract rather than an image, it does give a film number for further reference.  Also, the record collection pre-dates Arizona statehood (1912) by 3 years, which is notable.

So all you folks with Arizona roots, have at it!  I know I’ve already found a bunch of records I need to connect to folks in my Family Tree.